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be well bulletin

Introducing The Be Well Bulletin!

Winter 2019

[2018_PLAN_FULL] is excited to kick off the new year with you! The Be Well Bulletin is more than just a newsletter. It’s a new way for us to get to know you and for you to get to know us.

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Be Involved

Community Events
[2018_PLAN_FULL] is proud to be part of your community.

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[2018_PLAN_FULL] News
Checking in with Dr. Yancy.
If you have diabetes, the best thing you can do is work closely with your doctor...

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be healthy

New Year, Fresh Start
Make your 2019 the best it can be. Here are some helpful ideas to keep in mind as you get...

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Seasonal Recipe
Here is a winning winter lunch or dinner meal that is as healthy as it is hearty. Plus, it uses frozen...

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be yourself

Introducing Ashlea
Hi, I’m Ashlea! Welcome to the first edition of The Be Well Bulletin. Each quarter, I will write a message...

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Testimonials and Member Stories
Tell us about being an [2018_PLAN_FULL] member.
We want to hear from you. Let us know about your Allwell experience.

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be informed

How to Get The Most from Allwell
Get more out of your [2018_PLAN_FULL] benefits. Here are some ways to get more value from...

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Retirement Planning
Ways to make your retirement plan work for you: We understand how stressful it can be to...

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My Health Pays™ Rewards
Take care of yourself and earn reward dollars.
We get it — sometimes going to the doctor for...

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be active

Bridge the Gap With Your Grandchildren
If you’re a grandparent, you might be wondering about how you can keep a strong connection with...

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Brain Teaser
Here is a quick game to help you energize your mind. Each pair of words below has another...

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